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Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin20 December 2016Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin

This will happen in 2017

There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"20 December 2016There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"

The bridge will connect the Park and the promenade will be a unique viewing platform.

In honor of the composer Balakirev19 December 2016In honor of the composer Balakirev

Call one of the capital's squares

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Address:Smolenskaja nabereznaja, metro station "Smolenskaja"
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The monument to Sherlok Holmes and Doctor Watson (sculptor – Orlov A.) was opened on April 27, 2007 during the celebration of the 120th anniversary since the release of the first book by Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective ("A Study in Scarlet") near the building of the British Embassy at Smolensk quay.
Address:13 Tsvetnoy boulevard, Moscow. Metro station: Tsvetnoy boulevard
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The monument to Yu.V. Nikulin (sculptor – A.I. Rukavishnikov, architects – M.M. Posokhin, A.G. Kochekovsky) was unveiled on September 3, 2000 near the Circus. The sculptor casted a smaller size cabriolet from the film “Kavkazskaya Plennitsa” (“A She-Prisoner of the Caucasus”) from bronze.
Address:“Aleksander gardens” metro station, Manezhnaya square, Moscow.
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The monument at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (architects – Budrin D.I., Klimov V.A.) was opened on May 8, 1969. It is installed in the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin wall on Manezhnaya Square, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the defeat of the German fascist troops near Moscow.
Address:Pobedy square, Kutuzovsky Prospekt
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The Triumphal Arch (architect – Joseph Bové, sculptors – I.T. Timofeev, I.P. Vitali) originally was erected in 1827-1834 in Tverskaya Zastava square (near Belorussky Rail Terminal).
Address:Krymskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Fallen Monument Park (Sculpture Park). Metro station Oktyabrskaya.
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The monument to F.E. Dzerzhinsky (sculptor - E.V. Vuchetich, architect - S. B. Speransky) was unveiled on December 20, 1958 in Lubyanka square. It was re-located to Sculpture Park in Krymsky Val street in 1991. The weight of the sculpture (without pedestal) is 11 ton.
Address:Red Square
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This group of bronze sculptures created by Ivan Martos is located in front of St Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square. It is dedicated to Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Mikhailovich Pozharskii.
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The Tsar Bell in Moscow is one of the attractions of the Moscow Kremlin. It is the largest metal bell in the world.
The monument to the Dagestani poet Rasul Gamzatov was placed on Yauzsky Boulevard in Moscow in July of 2013. The International Communal Fund of Rasul Gamzatov was the initiator of the building of the monument.
Address:Alexander Garden
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The monument, known during the first four years of its existence as the Romanov Obelisk, was erected in honour of the three-hundredth anniversary of the House of the Romanovs, was remade as a monument to socialist thinkers during the Soviet era, and was in 2013 dismantled for reconstruction, restored and reopened.