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Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin20 December 2016Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin

This will happen in 2017

There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"20 December 2016There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"

The bridge will connect the Park and the promenade will be a unique viewing platform.

In honor of the composer Balakirev19 December 2016In honor of the composer Balakirev

Call one of the capital's squares

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Address:The Kremlin, Taynitsky Garden
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"Free Bird of Happiness" Fountain is one of the newest and yet the most extraordinary fountains of Moscow. It was opened on 17 May, 2008, and immediately attracted wide public attention. The fountain is located in Taynitsky Garden of the Moscow Kremlin.
Address:Nikitskiye Vorota Square
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"Natalia and Alexander" Rotunda Fountain represents a little white rotunda with a golden dome situated in the centre of the fountain. Bronze figurines of Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova are placed inside the rotunda. The fountain was inaugurated in 1999 on Nikitskiye Vorota Square in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Pushkin.
Address:Europe Square (Kievskaya metro station)
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In 2002 an unusual fountain known as "Abduction of Europa" was erected near the Kievsky Railway Station. The Fountain is located in Europe Square.
Address:6 Pyatnitskaya Street.
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The official opening of the fountain took place in 2007, and was timed to coincide with the 860th anniversary of Moscow. Upon the project of the sculptor Maria Levinskaya, the "Adam and Eve" fountain was installed in a place of former temporalities of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel.
Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard (Tsvetnoy Bulvar metro station)
Location:Show on map
The "Clown" fountain was erected in 2002 on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. It is located in the square opposite the Old Moscow Circus. The fountain is dedicated to circus theme and represents a sculpture of a clown on a unicycle.
Address:VVC (VVTs), Estate 119, Mira Ave. (VDNKh metro station)
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The avenue of fountains at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVTs) is one of the main attractions of Moscow. 14 fountains were given the status of the monuments of nationwide significance.
Address:Theatre Square
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In 1996 a remarkable fountain was built in front of the Bolshoi Theatre during renovations of the Theatre Square. Popularly this fountain is referred to as Teatralniy.
Address:10, Lavrushinsky Lane (Tretyakovskaya metro station)
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In 2006, an unusual fountain "Inspiration" (Vdohnoveniye) was erected to mark the 150th anniversary of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane. The designers of the fountain are M. Morina, O. Zhiburtovich and A. Alexandrov.
Address: Tsaritsyno, 1 Dolskaya Street.
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In 2006, a dynamically lit musical fountain named "The Singing Fountain" was inaugurated in Tsaritsyno within the historical horseshoe-island.
Address:Volgogradskiy Prospect, 117.
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A unique fountain "Music of Glory" was opened near Kuzminki metro station in 2005. The unveiling was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.