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Where to stay in Moscow

Are you willing to spend a couple of weeks in Moscow? Mass media often spreads the information about prices in Moscow hotels which are considered to be the highest in the world. Those people who have never done any research sometimes have the opinion that it's all true. In reality Moscow accommodation prices are not that different from those in other capitals of the world: the price usually depends on your preferences.

Let's talk about numbers a little. 18% of hotel room capacity of Russia is based in Moscow: more than 350 places of accommodation are located here and any visitor and any guest can choose anything he or she likes by booking a hotel through the Internet or try some other methods. There are big hotel complexes with a developed infrastructure able to solve any problem and small family hotels with the house and home atmosphere. There are hotels ready to organize business events of different levels and cost-effective hotels where people stay overnight. Moscow also has hotels of worldwide known brand names where kings and presidents of different countries stay and youth hostels of no names. Moscow hotels offer suits of hundreds of square meters, behind the doors of which butlers are waiting for your orders, and modest, multi-place rooms for those who are not used to spend tons of money on accommodation. Moscow offers all types of accommodation and facilities which can please any visitor.

Moscow does have hotels where they expect you to spend serious money if you want to live in a luxurious suit and admire the Kremlin ruby stars right through the window. 24 Moscow hotels have a five star category including famous historical hotels in the city centre: Metropol, National and Savoy. These hotels were built at the beginning of XIX century and renovated later. They still have you amazed by the stunning beauty of architecture and a level of comfort. Luxury is everywhere here: unique statues, paintings, fountains, spectacular staircases, plenty of mirrors, marble and color. Such hotels have everything demanding visitors need and can meet all their requirements offering only the best.

Old hotels which have new owners represented by leading world hotel operators (Baltschug Kempinski Moscow, Ritz Carlton and others) keep the same level of comfort as well as the following five star hotels: Golden Ring, President Hotel and Peter I. Certainly new hotels such as Swissotel Krasnye Kholmy, Sheraton Palace, Crown Plaza, Lotte Hotel Moscow easily confirm their world level of quality. Each of these hotels is unique in its own way but the service quality is always flawless. Moscow also has hotels of the upper price segment with a very unique favor. Such hotels as Golden Apple (it has only 90 rooms) or Barvikha Hotel&Spa make an original model of life of new Russia. Barvikha Hotel&Spa is located far from the Kremlin (20 km) but right in the heart of oasis of wealth and success on Rublyovka.

If you prefer a high quality at a reasonable price welcome to the hotels of a lower rank but still possessing a world level of service. Even though according to the internal classification of the network-based operator Marriott Tverskaya hotel has only four stars this place has a flawless service. Just like dozens of other Moscow hotels run by international and Russian network-based operators.

If you are limited in finances (or simply want to spend more money on excursions and entertainment) choose a cost-effective hotel or a hostel. A great number of hostels have appeared in Moscow recently. Moscow counts 45 hostels which can accommodate up to 2, 3 thousand of guests. What advantages do these places have? As a rule they are located in the city centre, a 10-15 minute walk from the Kremlin and other main places of interest. Hostel services are very simple but have everything a young visitor needs: a clean bed, modern facilitates, Internet and a good company, of course.

How much does one night in a Moscow hotel cost? According to the average cost of accommodation in a Moscow five star hotel amounts to 239 Euros per night. A four star hotel costs 132 Euros per night. A three star hotel – 93 Euros per night. A good Moscow hostel is likely to cost you no more than 25 Euros or even 1,5 times cheaper if you are ready to spend more time looking for a place to stay and are not that demanding.
In Moscow hotels you can live like a king in luxury or like a modest student.

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