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Nearly every second building in Moscow is steeped in history: with every turn you take, expect to see a museum, a theatre or an exhibition. In a word, Moscow is a tourist's paradise. Any loop tour can make you feel dizzy because of the amazing places you see: the Red Square and the Kremlin view from the Sofiyskaya embankment, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Monument of Peter the Great, the House on the Embankment and the Novodevichy convent, the Moscow State University, the Sparrow Hills, the Poklonnaya Hill («Bow-down» hill) and etc. Both walking excursions and coach tours can be very exciting.


Moscow has lots of museums, museum complexes and historical country estates. The excursions organized by museums are very much worth attending. For instance, walking tours of the Moscow Archeology Museum such as «The historical block Ostozhye» or «Prechistenka – a nest of gentlefolks». The coach tour «The country estate of the Golitsyn princes «Vlakhernskoe – Kuzminki» stands out of other country estate tours.


Moscow has a wide range of excursions for children. As a rule any district of Moscow has a children's travel centre or a tourist club under the auspices of a palace of pioneers. Since 1999 tourism without barriers has become very popular in Moscow. Today Moscow is much more open to the handicapped than it was twelve years back. Lots of museums were adjusted to the requirements of the tourists with disabilities (the State Darwin Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, «Museon», the Novodevichy convent, the Palace of Czar Alexey Mikhailovich in Kolomenskoe), railway stations, airports, let alone Sapsan and Aeroexpress rapid trains.


Moscow is highly organized for business tourists as it has everything they need – a good location of huge business centers, plenty of comfortable hotels near airports and main road junctions.

Every tour on a river bus on the Moscow-river is something special. This is a so-called ritual every tourist and a Moscow citizen have to observe. During this amazing tour you can watch stunning views of Moscow city and its bridges.

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