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The craze for sport that has actively affectedMoscowafter the Olympics 80, over time has covered all parts of the city and became the determining factor in the way of life of the capital. The large number of places for physical activity allows the resident or visitor of the capital exercising in almost any area of ​​Moscow.

Of course, it is possible to describe all the sports facilities only by giving their full list. But suchMoscowsports complexes as "Luzhniki" or "Olimpiysky" are very well known just as the presence of sports grounds in every neighborhood. We will try to determine the areas of the city which are the most favorable for sport and physical education. To do this, let us choose the top five sports areas of Moscow.

Constantly developing and enlarging the number of sports facilities is the Yasenevo district, even now it can boast with its Palace of Sports "Sodruzhestvo", the ski club "Uzkoe", the Ice Palace "Sozvezdie", the fencing club "Sirano", the center for children and youth tourism and excursions "Cheryomushki" and the recreation area "Bitza." Speaking about sports schools, the district is famous for its skating and hockey schools, as well as for the cross-country skiing class. The competition in basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, badminton, ping pong and tennis take place in the main Palace of the district "Sodruzhestvo". The longest ski slopes in the capital are in the club "Uzkoe", they attract winter sports fans from all over the city. The club "Uzkoe" also has the Junior Schoolof skiing, but in the "Bitsa" club is the riding school.

One of the most ecologically clean areas ofMoscow- Strogino just had to become sporty. First of all, the Strogino backwater has all the conditions for water sports both on a special beach and in the clubs «Wake Home», «TrayektoriyaPark", "Alpha" and in the pool at thePalaceofSports"Yantar". Much attention is paid to the schools of combat sports. The School of Martial Arts “Utszimen”, the Aikido Federation of Russia, but there is also a rowing club "Dinamo", and the School of Skating "Konyok Chaykovskoy", and the high school of tennis "Yantar". The route Romashkovo-Strogino is one of the best cross-country routes of the capital. Its length is 14 400 meters.

The district "Ramenki" can compete with any other district on the number of sports grounds per square kilometer. Almost every second landscaped yard in Ramenki has this or that sports facility.

In Ramenki one can find: the club of historical fencing “Setunsky Stan”, the studio of historical dance, the City Golf Club, the motorsport club "Bike Land", the hand-to-hand fighting club of the DIA in the Western District, the club of martial arts "Wing Chun" and the yoga studio "Santosha", the "Russian ski school “Capital”" and the slope "Vorobyovy Gory". The area is famous for its tennis school "Olimpiyets" and the academy under the City Golf Club. TheMSUParkis considered to be the great place for jogging and the observation deck and nature reserve "Vorobyovy Gory" have become a favorite place for skaters and cyclists. On the slope of the "mountains" in the winter time operates the ski jump and the chairlift.

Ever since the Olympics in the "Krylatskoe" district was created the atmosphere of healthy lifestyles. Numerous sports facilities hold tournaments and championships. In addition to the Sight of the District- the Palace of Sports "Dinamo", which was built in 2006, for the eponymous women's and men's basketball teams, in Krylatskoye one can find: the Sports Complex "Krylatskoe", the cycle track "Krylatskoe", Olympic Biking trail, the rowing canal "Krylatskoe", a golf club, a ski slope, health clubs, yoga and ping pong centers. The Sports Complex "Krylatskoe" offers to go in for skating, ice and ball hockey, skating, curling and short track. The district has everything for the classes of martial arts, cycling and athletics. The rowing canal "Krylatskoe" is equipped with a rollerdrom, and due to its number and variety of major sports schools, Krylatskoye is compare favorably with other districts.

But most sporty area is, without any doubt, the "Airport" district, which has the only drawback in the lack of the opportunities for winter and mountain sports. As far as other sports facilities, the infrastructure of the district is the best in the city. Here everyone can find the universal sports complex "Krylia Sovetov" and the "Dinamo" Stadium, theIcePalacetogether with the Palace of martial arts "CSKA", and the pool of the Moscow Federation of Aikido and even the Institute of the theory and practice of yoga. There are sports schools for such disciplines as gymnastics, tennis, basketball, volleyball, figure skating, boxing, hockey and swimming, allowing the implementation of physical education for children and adults. ThePetrovskyPark, which adjoins the Stadium "Dinamo", provides every opportunity for cycling and jogging. The Stadium itself in 2016 after renovation will become one of the most modern sports facilities in Europe.

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