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Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin20 December 2016Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin

This will happen in 2017

There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"20 December 2016There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"

The bridge will connect the Park and the promenade will be a unique viewing platform.

In honor of the composer Balakirev19 December 2016In honor of the composer Balakirev

Call one of the capital's squares

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Around the Kremlin with children
If you want to know Moscow better, it’ s a must for you to visit Red Square and take a walk around the Moscow Kremlin. As you leave the Okhotny Ryad Metro Station, you find yourself in Manege Square right in front of the State Historical Museum and Iberian Gate opening the way into the main square of Moscow and Russia – Red Square.
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Catherine II in Moscow
You will be told the fascinating story about the "Golden Age" of Catherine II, will have an informative walk along the palace part of the architecture and park ensemble of the National Reserve-Museum "Tsaritsyno" and will visit the exhibition dedicated to Catherine the Great in the Grand Palace, revealing the main areas of state activity and some aspects of the private life of the Empress. The halls are full of paintings, furniture, decorative art and books of the middle of the XVIII - early XIX centuries, as well as graphics.
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From Kuznetsky Most to Teatralnaya Square
During this walking tour of the old streets of Moscow you will find out how a river disappeared together with the bridge, how foretime canons were made, where the first traffic light was installed, who made the first Moscow fountain and much more.
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From the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to Bolotnaya Square
The best place to start this walking tour is Kropotkinskaya Metro Station. The station’ s project by the architect A. Dushkin was a Grand Prix winner at the 1937 Paris World Fair as well as at the World Fair in Brussels in 1958. For Muscovites Kropotkinskaya Station is an undisputable object of pride.
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Kitay-gorod is one of the oldest and the most interesting districts of Moscow. In times of old, this area was called Veliky Posad (the Great Settlement). It was a trade and business part of the pre-revolutionary city. It has remained as such until nowadays. Here, you will see traces of the medieval Moscow, you will also learn where the world’ s largest hotel was located, where the first seasonal sale took place as well as you will take a walk along the “ Street of Enlightenment”.
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Kuzminki: walking in the Estate
The excursion takes place in the Verkhny garden. The tourists will hear the story about the history of the architectural and park ensemble of Blachernae - Kuzminki and about the design of the estate complex.
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Lefortovo. History milestones. Walking Tour
The tour includes the overview of the entire exposition and the regular exhibition. During the tour you will be told about the "Germans" and why they have been living in Koukou, you will also find out what is a "borodovoy sign." You will learn why the emblem of F. Ya. Lefort depicts an elephant; you will see Lefortovo of the XVIII century and will get acquainted with one of the centers of military education and medicine of the XIX century.
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Legends and Myths of Moscow
Moscow is one of the most ancient European cities. The foundation of the Capital is surrounded by wonderful and exciting myths, legends and lustrous. The entire centuries-old history of the city is intertwined with mysterious events, terrible omens, superstitions and traditions, which you will learn during the tour.
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Liublino manor
One of unique historical territories of modern Moscow is Ljublino, the district for the first time mentioned in documents of XVI century In 80th of XVII century by an estate owned the well-known surname of Godunovyh, and was called it as Godunovo. Later it has passed to princes Prozorovsky and has been so favourite by owners that has received the name of Ljublino.
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Monasteries and Cathedrals in Moscow
The tour tells about the development of Orthodoxy in Moscow and the history of the most famous cathedrals and monasteries in the capital: the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Donskoy Monastery, the Danilov Monastery and the Novodevichy Convent.
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