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Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin20 December 2016Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin

This will happen in 2017

There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"20 December 2016There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"

The bridge will connect the Park and the promenade will be a unique viewing platform.

In honor of the composer Balakirev19 December 2016In honor of the composer Balakirev

Call one of the capital's squares

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Do you need the Russian visa and if you do — how can you obtain it? You will find answers to these important questions below.

Who does not need the Russian visa?

The Russian visa is not required for citizens of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova, as well as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The period of stay of citizens from these countries is not limited by the Russia legislative. Citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Israel, Colombia and Chile can enter Russia without a visa for the period of 90 days.

Citizens of Cuba, Thailand, Turkey, Montenegro and Ecuador can stay in Russia without a visa for up to 30 days. The same stay period without a visa is provided to citizens of Serbia, but with the availability of biometric passports issued after April 8, 2008. 30 visa-free days are guaranteed to tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but some documents are needed which confirm the purpose of their visit, and tourists from Macedonia will need to have the invitation original certified by a competent authority. It is worth to remember that passengers of cruise and ferry ships arriving, in particular, to St. Petersburg, have a right to stay visa-free in Russia for 72 hours and can visit Moscow. In order to be convinced of the necessity to get a visa, it is necessary to apply preliminary to the consulate of RF in your country.

The list of consulates with telephones and web-addresses

Where can you obtain visa

If you are a citizen of a foreign state with which Russia does not have a visa-free regime   agreement, then you have to obtain a visa to enter the state. You can get a Russian entry visa in an embassy or consulates of the Russian Federation according to the place of residence. Some documents and an official invitation from Russia are needed to obtain a visa. As a rule the invitation is arranged by a receiving party, i.e. a tourist company, a private person or your business partner. Different types of visas are issued to a foreigner depending on the purpose of entrance and period of stay. There exist the following types of visas: tourist, business, transit, private, educational or working, and according to the terms of using – single-entry, double-entry and multiple entry.

Main visa types

A transit visa to entry Russia is only issued if a citizen sets off to any country of the world with the change at the territory of RF. A tourist visa confers a right to stay on the territory of Russia within not more than one month and is issued for a journey non-connected with the commercial activity. A business visa (the same as a tourist-visa) is issued for visits to conclude agreements or new contracts, to participate in negotiations and other measures related to the commercial activity. In this case the registration of such a visa to Russia in a consulate is carried out on a priority basis.

Rules to obtain visas

To obtain a visa to Russia it is necessary to provide documents, personally or through a visa center in your country, to the consular department of embassy of the Russian Federation.The documents are a medical care policy, photo (3*4), completed visa application form, foreign passport with the period of validity no less than 6 months after finishing the journey and the invitation to enter Russia. A question to grant a visa is examined just based on the last document.

It is much simpler to get a visa after appealing to the visa center or an appropriate company. Processing of all necessary documents by such a company, including a tourist voucher (invitation for a foreigner), usually takes no more than one day. At that, this service foresees both a possibility of a voucher issuing only (after that it will be necessary to obtain a visa in the consulate of RF) and a visa itself (if the company was accredited in it). The term to get a tourist visa, which can be single-entry or double-entry, makes up to 20 days. The first visa cost is $50, the second one is $100. If the visa is arranged within 3 working days, the price is doubled.

If we are dealing with a business visa, the list of documents is the same, but the invitation has to be a business one as well (if a multiple-entry visa is required for the period of more than 3 months, then AIDS test is needed). It must be issued by an organization, which operates officially on the territory of RF and registered in the Office for Passports and Visas. The business visa to Russia can be single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry (the validity of the last one can be from 3 to 12 months). The period of a long-acting business visa arrangement is about three weeks, therefore you should concern yourself with documents beforehand. Additional information about the procedure of obtaining visas you can find on a (in Russian, English, French and German languages).

Rules of registration in Russia 

The migration registration of guests from abroad in places where they stay was introduced in RF in January 2007. All the migration registration procedures are executed by a receiving party (for example, a hotel): a guest must present a passport and migration card only which is filled at the entrance to RF. After completion of the registration procedure, the guest is issued a document which confirms his/her registration and remains with him /her even during the departure from Russia. There is a nuance: multiple visas are registered only for the period not exceeding 3 months. Therefore, if you arrange a visa for one year, after 90 days of stay you will have to leave the country and enter it again for the registration extension. The rules of migration registration in RF you can find on the web-site of Federal Migration Service.

You should not forget that in Russia policemen have a right to stop a foreigner with the purpose of checking documents. They have to be sure, that you stay in the country on legal grounds. Therefore, while being out of the hotel or another object of accommodation you should always have with you a copy of your passport and a tear-off part of the migration registration notification.