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Where to try unusual sweets in Moscow

We will tell you where it is possible to try nano ice cream, chocolate pizza, "Russian Salad" flavored ice cream and unusual types of tea.

"Conversation" Restaurant: So, what is worth trying in this restaurant? You should definitely order one of the ice cream flavors which are served there. Every sweet-tooth can appreciate ice cream with baked apple and cinnamon, carrot-ginger sauce, cookies and cheese topping, maple syrup and blueberries.

Juice Bar: They serve ice cream for those who are tired of ordinary taste sensations and look for something unusual. The café offers borscht-flavored ice cream, as well as "Russian Salad" and "dressed" herring ice cream flavors. Such an exotic delicacy costs 70 roubles.

"Pate D'or" Confectionery: Real Lebanese sweets prepared according to the traditional recipes are sold there. In this cake-shop you can try desserts made from “thread-like” dough: Borma, Osmalia, charlotte. Baklava and Turkish delights are also served there.

"Chaynaya Vysota" Club: There are more than 40 tea-flavored ice cream and sorbet types in this place. You can try ice cream with blueberries, blue cheese, Pu-erh tea and pine cones; "Truffle/Pu-erh" tea and "Truffle/Vanilla" ice cream; "Asti Cinzano" champagne sorbet with white tea; "Feijoa, Tarragon and Paradise Apples" tea-flavored jam, as well as ashberry-flavored ice cream.

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