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Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin20 December 2016Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin

This will happen in 2017

There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"20 December 2016There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"

The bridge will connect the Park and the promenade will be a unique viewing platform.

In honor of the composer Balakirev19 December 2016In honor of the composer Balakirev

Call one of the capital's squares

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In Moscow with a Child

What problems may parents who wish to bring their small children into the capital encounter, and how they are successfully resolved? 

The typical disadvantages of Moscow streets include many high curbs and a lack of special ramps and rails for lowering and lifting strollers in some underground passages. However, recently the underground passageways have been undergoing alteration to the delight of moms and dads with strollers.

If you need to go somewhere with a stroller on public transport, there's no need to fear. It is true that Moscow's trams, trolleys and buses are often not equipped with special low platforms on which to conveniently roll a stroller, but Muscovites, seeing mom or dad with a baby, always help: some other passenger will pick up the stroller and help one overcome the steps, and the driver will wait patiently until the precious cargo is seated in the salon.

If you rent an apartment in one of the old houses in the center of Moscow, one is likely to run into a common problem: even a standard stroller is often a few centimeters too long for the elevator. Muscovites have come up with some solutions. If the vestibule has a concierge, strollers can be left on the first floor; in more modest homes a thrust-panel of appropriate dimensions has been installed in the elevator doors that allows one to get these most cherished centimeters.

Large retailers of baby products can be found in practically every region. The most famous are the Kids, Children's World and The Ship chains. Diapers, wipes and other essentials can be bought in any supermarket, and creams, powders and teethers are located in pharmacies.

There is usually not much baby food in small convenience stores. If your child is used to a certain brand or product, it is better to go to a large store for kids or a supermarket like Auchan (Ashan), with lots of choices. Fresh milk products for children (milk, kefir, yogurt, curds) can usually be found in any grocery store.

In the last couple of years, the city undertook a major program of playground reconstruction: almost every courtyard has a modern area with slides, swings and comfortable benches for parents. Recent years have seen an increase in groups of students or clerks with beer in playgrounds. Faced with such a situation, remember: one forceful remark to a company of adults should cause them to leave. By law, drinking of alcohol on the playground is strictly prohibited, and the police respond quickly to these calls.

If you're going with the baby into a cafe or restaurant, keep in mind that every decent Moscow institution will give you a high chair. However, making sure that your child does not interfere with other diners is your concern.

To keep an older child from not being bored at a restaurant, choose a spot with a children's room, where the child will be able to tinker with toys and watch cartoons while you are chatting with friends. Children's rooms have appeared today in many metropolitan restaurants.

If a child has any health problems, doctors from the local clinic or emergency station will ask straight away the child's citizenship, its registration and for its mandatory health insurance policy. Emergency assistance will be provided to nonresident children, but later some issues may arise. Therefore, if you do not have Russian citizenship, it is a good idea to procure a voluntary children's policy in one of the capital's hospitals.