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Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin20 December 2016Will appear in Moscow street Kuindzhi and Bilibin

This will happen in 2017

There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"20 December 2016There are support floating bridge in the Park "Zaryadye"

The bridge will connect the Park and the promenade will be a unique viewing platform.

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Three-Star Hotels in Moscow

Inexpensive “three-star” hotels is the most popular type of accommodation with travelers all over the world.Moscowis no exception: every year more of such venues open in the Russian capital. 

A hotel’s “star” rating depends on the number and quality of the services it provides, as well as the level of comfort it can offer its guests.


It is not generally known that there is a state standard specifying the minimum parameters of single and double rooms in 3-star hotels: 10 sq.m for singles, 14 sq.m for doubles, and 3.8 sq.m for the bathroom. In addition, according to the state standard, soap, shampoo and a hairdryer should be provided in the bathroom.


There are certain obligatory features for a classic 3-star hotel. Various types of rooms must be available: single rooms and double or family rooms (in the latter case extra beds can be provided). The services in each room, besides daily cleaning and changing of bed linen and towels, must include a telephone, a color TV and a refrigerator. This type of hotel will always have a restaurant — often more than one. A real kaleidoscope of national culinary traditions can be found in Moscow’s 3-star hotels: Italian (in the Salute Hotel), Arab (Hermitage), Chinese and Korean (Astrus), Georgian (Tourist), as well as flights of designers’ fancies in the interiors (at the Vega Hotel, for example, all the restaurants are designed in the styles of various periods).

Three-star hotels are just as suitable for business trips as for holidays. The majority of them have modern business centers that are well equipped for staging various events.


The standard of service inMoscow hotels is improving day by day and is now virtually indistinguishable from that inEurope. And an encouraging trend has been observed: hotels not only provide guests with all the necessary facilities, but also try to do it as well and as attractively as possible. Quality furniture and reliable appliances meet the functional aspect of your stay, while various elements of decor and interesting design features can give your hotel room a warm, almost homelike atmosphere. A room is sometimes given a special flavor by its location (the cozy attic rooms in the Ozerkovskaya Hotel), sometimes by the color scheme (theOrange and Pistachio luxury suites in the Irbis Hotel), and sometimes by its original design (as in the Wedding honeymoon suite in the MosUz Center Hotel).


There are few 3-star hotels in the very center ofMoscow, though you will occasionally come across them in old buildings in historical districts. One of these is the cozy Hermitage Hotel, just 15 minutes’ walk from the Kremlin. The number of affordable hotels in the city center has increased in recent years, but they are still exceptions to the rule. Most hotels in this price category are to be found outside the Garden Ring, but nevertheless close to the Metro and the city’s other main transport arteries — a huge plus both for people who come to the capital on business and for tourists who want to see as many places of interest as possible.

The majority of 3-star hotels are in quiet picturesque corners of the city. The Vega Hotel, on the territory of a former estate of the Romanovs, is surrounded by an old park and picturesque ponds, while the Astrus Hotel is close to the magnificentTroparevoPark. Some hotels have their own oases: the Tourist has an inner garden with jasmine, lilac and chestnuts. Places of interest to tourists are also close at hand: the Aminyevskaya Hotel is in the same district as Poklonnaya Hill and the Borodino Panorama, and not far from the Vorobyovy Hills and the Novodevichy Convent. And it is no difficulty to get from the Ozerkovskaya Hotel to the Tretyakov Gallery, which features on every tourist’s list of places to see. In short, they may not be in the center, but there is still something to see there.

A hotel’s location frequently also dictates its size: the further from the center, the larger the hotel and its grounds, and the range of services provided therefore greater. In such hotels, in addition to the customary services, guests can visit a nightclub or a bowling alley (the Astrus Hotel, for instance, has one of the largest bowling alleys in Moscow with eight lanes, as well as seven tables for Russian billiards and four for American pool), a sauna, a beauty salon, a medical center and other additional services to make your stay more comfortable.


In many hotels holidaymakers will find well-equipped gyms, and in some — full sports centers. The Astrus Hotel, for example, comprises the9,500 square meter Fitness Mania sports club, on the basis of whichRussia’s first “School ofChampions” has been organized. The club includes a number of specialized schools for children (Kostya Tszyu’sBoxingSchool, Alexander Litvinenko’sDanceSchool, David Rudman’sSamboSchool and Rinat Dasayev’sFootballSchool).

3-star hotels are most suitable for the majority of tourists. These hotels provide all the services necessary for a full-value stay, sometimes no inferior to those offered by hotels of a higher status. Sometimes the only difference between 3-star and 5-star hotels is in the size of the rooms. Prices vary, of course, but you are unlikely to have to pay more than 90 to 110 dollars a night for a 3-star hotel inMoscow. In addition, most of the hotels offer a variety of discounts, special offers and promotions: outside the peak periods of New Year and the three summer months some amazing reductions are available, sometimes up to 50-60%. 

Three-Star Hotels in Moscow 

Vega Tourist Hotel Complex

967 rooms, M: Partizanskaya, Izmailovskoye Highway, 3B, 71, T: +7-495-956-05-06, 


27 rooms, M: Paveletskaya, Ozerkovskaya Emb., 50, Bldg. 2, T: +7-495-959-23-34, 


223 rooms, M: Kuntsevskaya, Aminyevskoye Highway, 5, T: +7-495-641-57-00, 

Astrus — Central House of Tourists

495 rooms, M: Yugo-Zapadnaya, Leninsky Ave., 146, T: +7-495-641-10-00, 

Salute Tourist Hotel Complex

1091 rooms, M: Yugo-Zapadnaya, Leninsky Ave., 158, T: +7-495-234-92-92, 

Gostiny Dom

53 rooms, M: Tushinskaya, Vasiliya Petushkova St., 25, T: +7-495-948-98-10, 


315 rooms, M: Ryazansky Prospekt, Zelenodolskaya St., 3, Bldg. 2, T: +7-495-378-01-92, 


97 rooms, M: Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, Gostinichnaya St., 1, T: +7-495-287-12-71, 


Over 500 rooms, M: Botanichesky Sad, Selskokhozyaistvennaya St., 17/2, T: +7-495-212-23-08, 


64 rooms, M: Kitay-Gorod, Durasovsky Lane, 7, T: +7-495-917-19-19, 


280 rooms, M: Dostoyevskaya, Suvorovskaya Sq., 2, Bldg. 3, T: +7-495-681-44-44, 


1777 rooms, M: VDNKh, Mira Ave., 150, T: +7-495-234-10-00,